Kings Guard Gaming 2019 NBA 2K Draft Results

Kings Guard Gaming selected the following gamers in today’s 2019 NBA 2K League Draft:

Name Gamertag Hometown Position Round/Pick
Michael Diaz Bp Bridgepoint, CT Point Guard 1st / 3rd Overall
Waseem Talbert BallLikeSeem Philadelphia, PA Shooting Guard 2nd / 22nd Overall
Jonathan Roman Roman Philadelphia, PA Small Forward/Power Forward 3rd / 37th Overall
Yusuf Abdulla Yusuf_Sacrbz Toronto, Canada Power Forward 3rd / 53rd Overall
Zachary Saruba Zakyy610 Philadelphia, PA Small Forward/Power Forward 4th / 55th Overall


These newly drafted players will join veteran player Jhade “WorthingColt” Black, chosen in the 2018 inaugural NBA 2K League Draft during the 2nd round 31st overall, and recently added Head Coach DJ “TTPLOADING” Layton. Former college player, high school coach and member of the competitive 2K community, Layton previously qualified for the Road to the All-Star Game Tournament on NBA 2K17.

In 2017, the Sacramento Kings unveiled the world’s first dedicated esports training facility and content studio inside a professional sporting venue, featuring a broadcast center, gamer lounge and, recently added a full-service music recording studio. The studio has full broadcast capabilities to produce livestreams and content using the arena’s fastest, most connected network and latest hardware for zero-lag gaming as well as amenities that serve gamers, artists and the community.