Timelycook Timelapse: Before the League

Trent Donald, also known as Timelycook, is one of the two players retained from last season’s Kings Guard team. The third-round pick was viewed as a steal by many in the 2K community, who were shocked that the talented guard fell into Sacramento’s hands at No. 38 overall.

Before his arrival in the NBA 2K League, however, Timelycook’s passion for basketball was instilled at a young age.

“I grew up in a basketball family,” the hooper-turned-gamer said. “It was all we knew.” From playing competitive AAU to college basketball, Cook’s love and skill for basketball was evident.

Unfortunately, an injury during his college days would cut Cook’s basketball career short. Then, the heartbreaking loss of his brother due to gun violence would change his life.

“He’s my motivation, I play this game for him,” said Timelycook.

Unable to play basketball IRL and dealing with the loss of his late brother, Cook put everything he had into his efforts on the sticks. His grind was noticed by the community and highlighted on an even bigger stage when he and his Pro-Am team, Still Trill, won the NBA 2K17 All-Star Tournament in New Orleans. Timely played alongside future No. 1 overall pick Dimez and played against No.3 overall pick, Mootyy who would also become his Kings Guard teammate.

After taking home the championship and $250k in prize money, Cook’s lockdown defensive performance earned him an appearance on 2KTV showcasing him as one of the best defensive players around.

The Cincinnati native’s journey to the league showed how much he earned his way to becoming a professional player and it will be worth watching to see what he brings to Sacramento in season two of the 2K League.