Small Town Kid Making Big-Time Moves

ColeWorld2K shares his 2K journey from his Illinois to California’s capital.

 As the youngest member of Kings Guard and leaving his small hometown for a big city, there were some challenges ahead for Cole Motta, also known as ColeWorld2K, in his first season as a 2K pro. But ColeWorld2K is no stranger to overcoming adversity.

“I grew up in a small town in Illinois called Shorewood,” said the 99th overall pick. “There’s a lot of cornfields and little stuff to do other than hang out with friends and play 2K.”

Unfortunately, sophomore year of high school brought its share of difficulty for Cole.

“I was going through a lot of anxiety, depression and relationship problems,” he remembers. “Everyone has something to escape to like listening to music, going for a run, but for me – 2K was my thing.”

Cole  continued to play the game and began to realize his potential when he was playing NBA 2K17. Motta was constantly racking up wins in Pro-Am mode and held a 50-0 record on head-to-head quick matches online.

“I was like okay, I can probably make some money doing this,” Cole said. “And when I heard about the League, I literally played the game almost every day until tryouts to get better at the game to make it to where I am today.”

After only a year of grinding, the 19-year-old would have his dreams come true during the inaugural NBA 2K League draft when he was selected by Kings Guard.

In his first season as a professional, ColeWorld2K has shown off both his team-first attitude and skills on the sticks as he looks forward to playing the game he loves again next season.