Mootyy’s Professional Journey Highlighted by HoopsHype

Kings Guard big man Mootyy was recently featured in a HoopsHype article highlighting the work that goes into of becoming a top eSports athlete. HoopsHype, known for covering NBA stories, took an in-depth look into the NBA 2K League and specifically how Mootyy got to where he is today.

“Initially, 2K was just a way for [Mootyy] to blow off steam and have fun among people who accepted him,” wrote HoopsHype’s Alex Kennedy. “However, it soon became clear that he was good. Really good. Compete-in-major-tournaments good.”

Kennedy’s article shed light on No. 8’s progression from a vet in 2K competitions to a leader of one of the elite 2K teams in the world to one of the top draftees in the NBA 2K League – a journey that Mootyy hopes will continue to inspire others.

“It’s definitely not impossible [to achieve this dream],” said the Kings Guard first rounder.

To read the full story from HoopsHype, click here.