Kings Guard Lands 3rd Overall Pick in Draft Lottery

Following the conclusion of an exciting inaugural season, the NBA 2K League conducted the 2019 Draft Lottery to determine where each team will select in the upcoming draft.

All non-playoff teams were given a number of lottery combinations based on last season’s record to determine the first nine picks, with each of the four expansion teams (Los Angeles, Minnesota, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles) following thereafter.

Kings Guard would end up with the third overall pick just one year after securing the fourth overall pick in the first ever NBA 2K League Draft. The draft will be composed of four rounds that includes players from last season as well as new talent. While Kings Guard will pick at the no. 3 spot in the first round, they will be picking first in rounds two through four.

Sacramento will look to fill out the rest of its roster during the draft, which is scheduled for next year, while building around both Worthingcolt and Timelycook from last season’s squad.