ICYMI: Hanging out with Marcelas Howard and Flashhayer

Maybe you’ve seen his hilarious impressions or flashy layups, but did you know that the BackYard Legend is from Sacramento?

We got the chance to hang out with Marcelas Howard and fellow Sactown native and comedian Flashhayer for a day on the hardwood and on the sticks.


A game of “PIG” tipped off the fun, but the two skit creators made things more interesting by adding the consequence of loser taking a spin from BeanBoozled. From peach to barf flavor – watch the guys battle it out during this extreme game of “PIG.”

Then the comedians hopped on the sticks for some 2-on-2 action on the blacktop. Watch the stream to see who took the W: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/342458351

Shout out to Marcelas and Flashhayer for stopping by and tweet us if you want to see more content with them!