How Wise Words and A Warehouse Job Led to Worthingcolt’s NBA 2K Career

The Houston native worked his way out of manual labor and into his dream position.

Kings Guard center turned point guard Jhade Black grew up in Houston, Texas where he attended Worthing High School, home of the Colts.

Inspired by his roots, Black dubbed himself Worthingcolt when he decided to get serious on the sticks.

Growing up in a single-family household, Colt found refuge in sports, playing football and basketball as a youngster.

“Knowing what my parents came from and with my dad being in prison,” reflected the second-round pick. “I knew I couldn’t go down that same road.”

After getting a youthful wake-up call, the Houston native looked to elders at the barber shop, sporting events, and most importantly, high school Coach Ellis, whose advice would inspire Colt to reevaluate his aspirations.

“Don’t have hindsight,” recalled No. 6 of his former mentor. “You never want to look back and regret not doing something the first time.”

With a refreshed outlook on what he wanted to do in life, Colt harnessed his passion for sports by picking up NBA 2K10 at a friend’s house.

While Colt and his friend would play 2K throughout high school, he quickly realized after graduation he’d have to find a way to create income.

“Once adulthood came, playing 2K became rough,” shared the play-making guard. “I had to grow up and be a man. Manage my bills, my apartment and make sure I had my priorities right, while playing 2K.”

In an effort to make ends meet, Colt worked tirelessly in a warehouse for five years.

The physical labor would keep him inside for the majority of his days and would ultimately take its toll. In his final year on the job, the fun-loving guard sustained a back injury that made his already difficult task even more arduous.

Despite the setback, the optimist in Colt recalled the wise words of his former coach and decided to take his 2K game to a broader audience by starting a Twitch account.

He would soon learn fans enjoyed listening to his relatable stories and were entertained by the Twitch affiliate’s passion, reactions and knowledge of the game.

Today, the former warehouse worker has over 37,000 followers on Twitch and has made a name for himself as one of the top 2K players in the world.

“I started livestreaming and [it] started to get buzz,” said Colt inside Kings Gaming Studio. “People enjoyed watching my streams, so I tried to make a career out of 2K – and here I am now.”

In his first season in the NBA2K League, Colt is averaging 18 points, six rebounds and five assists per game, while showing the community he has the ability dominate at multiple positions.

While fierce on the hardwood, Colt is beloved by his teammates for his positive and cheerful spirit off the court.

“Even though we come from different backgrounds and ethnicities, we came to the conclusion we’re here to win,” reflected the team’s floor general. “We actually aren’t as different as we think. We have the same beliefs, goals and we’re here to accomplish things together, and we established a brotherhood.”

A bond made by possible through a shared love of the game and respect for the grind – Coach Ellis would be proud.

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