Get to Know: Crush

We got the chance to catch up with one of Kings Guards newest members after the 2020 NBA 2K League Draft. Here’s what Rafel Davis aka Crush had to say.


What was going through your mind on Draft Day leading up to the draft?

Leading up to the draft I was more anxious than nervous. I knew I had a high possibility to get selected in the Top 10 due to offseason success but wasn’t sure where I’d go exactly. I was hearing rumors about me going No. 1 to Wizards District, No. 3 to Kings Guard or No. 6 to Hornets Venom, so I was just ready to see how things unfolded when teams were on the clock.


How did it feel to have your name called?

When I heard my name get called, it was like a dream come true, a relief, and joy all together. Knowing that all your hard work and dedication paid off is one of the best feelings in the world. Knowing that an organization believes and trusts your skill and character to represent them is sensational. The whole experience was unforgettable and one of the best days of my life.


How long have you been playing 2K?

I have been playing 2K casually since NBA 2K8 but started playing competitively during NBA 2K18.


Who are some of the biggest influences in your life?

I would say my parents, previous retail manager and Derrick Rose have been the biggest influences in my life. My parents because growing up they always made sure that I was happy no matter the circumstance. Even if they weren’t financially stable, they made sure that I had everything I needed for school, basketball and pretty much anything I asked for. They have given me unlimited support and motivation with anything I wanted to pursue in life and having parents that want to see you blossom and be great is one of reasons I strive for greatness.


My previous retail manager has been an influence because since day one he gave off supportive energy. I felt like he was more than my manager, he was a big brother that wanted to see me grow as an individual in all aspects. He prayed for me, he did personal recommendations videos and much more; he was my mentor and helped me out in various ways to help me grow as a person outside of my job.


Lastly, Derrick Rose has been very influential in my life since he was in college because studying his game and character showed me how to be a humble beast. He showed me how to remain humble by any means necessary; I admired his character so much that I started to obtain some of his qualities and I believe me doing that has led me in the right direction for handling certain situations and finding positives out of every circumstance.


What is one of the biggest obstacles you’ve had to overcome to get where you are now?

One of the biggest obstacles that I’ve had to overcome was maintaining motivation after not making the league Season 1 and 2 draft pool. Not making it previous years was very disappointing, but I also felt like that failure helped me understand that things in life aren’t just given to you and that you must put the work in. That denial only put fuel to the fire so heading into the process of Season 3, I grinded day in and day out and gave it everything I had to make sure I got my name called on draft day.


What do you bring to the table as a 2K player?

As a 2K player, I bring high level positive energy. I am a New York native so I give off and spread that natural energy to my teammates or anybody that’s around me. I also bring top-tier competitive energy as well – meaning when you are playing with me, you will know and feel how bad I want to win, and it’ll make you want to do the same. Lastly, I believe my communication can help my team bring in wins; being able to speak effectively with your teammates plays an important role in your teams future success and I believe with my defensive IQ and stick skill that I can be one of the leagues biggest game changers.


What are your expectations heading into the season?

My main expectation going into the season is to gain on and off the court chemistry as quickly as possible with my new teammates. A few more expectations of mine are to make playoffs, win a banner/championship and be First Team All-Defense.


What are your thoughts on moving to and living in Sacramento?

When I first heard that I might have the opportunity to play for Kings Guard in Sacramento I was ecstatic. Moving away from the East Coast was one of my goals growing up in New York and being able to do that during this season is exciting. I’m looking forward to experiencing what the West Coast lifestyle is all about.


What do you like to do outside of playing 2K?

Outside of 2K, I love to play chess, workout at the gym and play basketball. Basketball has always been an outlet for me to get away from stress and things that are on my mind. I started playing chess in middle school which later became a hobby after playing competitively in elementary school and I love to workout to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


What is one thing you would want every Kings Guard fan to know about you?

One thing that I want every Kings Guard fan to know about me is that they are going to get the best version of myself. I am a high-level competitor and will do anything to make sure Kings Guard is at the top of the League.