Get to Know: Ball Like Seem

Entering his second season as a professional in the NBA 2K League, Waseem Talbert (better known as Ball Like Seem) is looking to make an impact with a change of scenery.

Seem was a fourth-round pick by Mavs Gaming in the inaugural season of the 2K League but was not retained, making him eligible for the 2019 Draft.

Kings Guard jumped at the opportunity to acquire the shooting guard with the first pick of the second round.

“During Draft Day, the only thing on my mind was what team I was going to,” said Seem. “My feeling going to Sacramento is that I’m ready to experience the West Coast life.”

The Philadelphia native will bring valuable experience to Sactown as well as a noteworthy scoring ability at the two-guard spot. Seem was certainly not shy to pull up from just about anywhere on the court last season for Mavs Gaming.

In addition to his sharpshooting, the 20-year-old also noted that he “excels at playmaking” which he feels will “separate [him] from a lot of people at [his] position.”

Outside of putting in work on the sticks, Talbert loves to hoop IRL. He even showed off his hops in Dallas with this throwdown:

And the second-round pick is definitely not afraid to show off his other moves at any given time.

Heading into his sophomore season, Seem expressed his confidence in his new squad.

“I feel like on paper, we are the best team,” he said. “Now we just have to go out and perform.”