Following a Dream for His Son

The Virginia native hopes to be an example to his 5-year-old

Safiya4ya also known as Shane Farrar is a lover of many kinds of video games like Madden and Fortnite – but it’s NBA 2K which has stuck with him the most.

The shooting guard didn’t fully realize his talent until the life-changing day when he was drafted by Kings Guard, which would diminish any doubt he had in whether he belonged amongst the game’s elite players.

“I wasn’t playing on a top team like other players and didn’t believe in my abilities,” reflected No. 44. “When I got the call I started tearing up a bit, because it was a dream come true. Now I see what I’m capable of and become more confident every day.”

With new assurance in his talent, Shane took the risk and opportunity to pursue a dream career, all while leaving a stable job and his family behind in his home state of Virginia.

“My son Noah is 5 years old. He’s the reason I’m doing all of this to be honest,” said Farrar. “I want to show him that if you have a dream and if it’s something you really want to do, if you keep working towards it you can achieve it.”

In order to pursue his dream, Safiya4ya moved across the country hoping to make an impact in the 2K League.

However, this pursuit wasn’t without pain, as Shane discussed the difficulties of being separated from his son.

“It’s been tough being away from him. He’s struggling with it, not seeing me every day like he has been for the last five years,” said Safiya4ya. “It’s tough for me too because I always want to be in his life. He’s in baseball and kindergarten and me not being able to be there is tough.”

Fortunately, the Safiya4ya family shared a special reunion during the first tournament of the season.

“Seeing my son brought everything to reality,” Shane shared.  “I was full of emotions, teared up a little bit because I hadn’t seen him in 3 or 4 weeks. It’s what my family is about – being there for one another.”

Later in the season, the sharpshooter’s mom, step father, girlfriend and son made the 7-hour drive from Virginia to te 2K League studios in New York City to watch him play one of his best games yet.

Through the challenges of being away from home, Safiya4ya ended the season with 40 three-pointers made and averaged eight points per contest while also serving as the team captain for Kings Guard.

With his first professional season in the books, Shane is back home in Virginia enjoying time with his son.

“I talk to him every day, tell him why I’m doing this and hopefully he understands.”